F/M Spanking

F/M Spanking Rituals

Quick and spontaneous F/M spanking sessions can be a delightful activity for everyone involved, but to really put a deserving adult male in the correct mind frame for some serious hanky-spanky play, there’s nothing quite like a slow escalation to the main event, filled with delicious pre-spanking rituals.

For example, once the blushing male spankee has been sentenced to his fate, the lady in charge might send him ahead to the designated place of punishment, with instructions to set the spanking chair in the center of the room, fetch the spanking paddle from the wall and then prepare himself for discipline.

The nervous miscreant may be directed to lower his trousers and underpants and then park himself in the corner to await his penance. Or he might have to be completely naked by the time his disciplinarian arrives. His stern spanker may even tell him to remain fully clothed while he waits, so that when the time comes she herself can unbuckle his belt, unbutton his jeans and bare his bottom for the paddle.

When the woman of the house finally makes her appearance in the spanking room, the dutiful male should assume his position over her lap with a minimum of fuss or whining. Certainly he’ll make NO attempt to physically resist what he has coming!

Prior to commencement of the spanking, the properly positioned and suitably humbled spankee should listen attentively to any lecturing or scolding that his disciplinarian may deem necessary. Given his situation, it is in his best interest to answer all questions posed to him truthfully and promptly. A little contrition at this point might even earn him some small crumb of mercy from the determined woman about to paddle his caboose.

After all preparations are complete and the pre-spanking rituals have been performed, there’s little for a male spankee to do except grasp the chair legs, grit his teeth and prepare to take his medicine. Hopefully with a little dignity!

This is just one example of a fun, anticipation-filled spanking fantasy that might be shared by two consenting adults. Of course the options for saucy F/M spanking games are nearly endless. Just let common sense and a mutual desire for each other’s pleasure and wellbeing be your guide.