F/M Spanking

F/M Hairbrush Spankings

In the context of kinky adult corporal punishment play, the term “hairbrush spanking” can be something of a misnomer at times, because the F/M spanking implement in question might actually be a bath brush, a clothes brush or even a dog-grooming brush. The only real requirements are that the brush-like utensil have a nice handle for gripping and a flat, smooth striking surface for chastising male bottoms.

Today’s cheeky spanking screen capture was snatched from one of many amateur domestic discipline videos archived in the Strict Wives Secret Library.

The brush spankings showcased are all quite firmly administered, in some cases with machine-gun rapidity. The spankings are domestic in tone, with the male spankee draped across his disciplinarian’s lap, sometimes even completely nude, which may be an added bonus for all of you CFNM spanking fans out there.

Be warned however that unless you enjoy the sight of male buns getting spanked by hard wooden brushes, these clips may not be for you!