F/M Spanking

F/M Spanking Play Interview with Liz

In this candid discussion about adult F/M spanking and domestic discipline play, the lovely and insightful Liz shares her observations on the adult spanking fetish and also talks about how she and her boyfriend enjoy their mutual interest in spanking at home.

Here are a few excerpts from her audio interview, which you can enjoy at the Strict Wives Secret Library.

“I think spanking play is normal, so the people who enjoy it are normal. I think that a lot of people are more interested in it than they would like to admit, because it’s kind of taboo.”

“It is more acceptable now in the mainstream to explore spanking in your life. I think Fifty Shades of Grey has helped with that. And I think that people have been doing this privately for a long time and now they’re just doing it more out in the open.”

“Spanking is multifaceted, so people can gain many different things from it.”

“A play spanking is all about fun. A discipline spanking is all about owning up to having done something wrong and paying the penalty for it. So they’re vastly different.”

“Some of my favorite spanking implements are the ones that are more domestic. I enjoy using a hairbrush on my boyfriend. Or if we’re in the kitchen I might grab a spatula or a wooden spoon. That’s always fun.”

“In a relationship, communication is key. So talking about about kink, and your orientation that way, is vital. I would tell a man who is interested in spanking but doesn’t know how to talk about it with his partner, that he really just needs to have the courage and sit down and talk with her, because somebody who cares about him is going to take his needs into account. And if they don’t, you’re going to wind up in a relationship where you’re not happy anyway.”