F/M Spanking

Spanking Fantasy Triggers

Ask an adult spanking enthusiast born prior to the Internet age whether they ever looked up the words spanking, paddle, switch, etc., in the big dictionary at their school or library. Odds are that they did.

For the hardwired domestic discipline fetishist, as opposed to folks who enjoy a little spanking play now and then but aren’t necessarily obsessed by it, spanking-related words, images and actions can be very powerful triggers. When used responsibly in the context of a consensual adult spanking roleplay, the result can be an intense and satisfying experience for both partners.

Using the illustration here as an example, the male bottom might be a fan of CFNM (clothed female, nude male) spanking scenarios, in which case being ordered to strip naked for “discipline” would help place him in the proper head space.

Carefully utilized ear pulling, face slapping and/or corner time can also be effective pre-spanking triggers, depending on what all participants enjoy. It goes without saying that the better each player understands their partner’s triggers, turnoffs and hard limits, the more fulfilling their spanking play is likely to be.

Dialogue and tone of voice are very powerful tools for making a spanking roleplay feel emotionally just like a real discipline session, even though the actual spanking is well within the bottom’s pain tolerance. While smacks to the buttocks are a necessary component of any spanking game, most of the fireworks are actually going on inside the players’ heads.

Millions of normal, well-adjusted adults enjoy spanking as part of their intimate lives, and they enjoy it in a variety of different ways. Some are primarily sensation players, some participate in the BDSM or Domestic Discipline lifestyle, and other folks carve out a personal spanking fantasy life, based on what triggers affect them in the most pleasurable way.

When two consenting partners have compatible spanking interests, and they work together responsibly to really dial in the words and activities that give them both the most enjoyment, they may find that spanking play adds an exciting new dimension to their intimate life.

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