F/M Spanking

Amelia Rutherford’s Spanking Interview, Part II

In Part II of her audio discussion on consensual adult spanking play — after sharing some revelations about the contents of her closet and how she dresses for the role of disciplinarian (in blouses, jodhpurs and lots of tweed) — Amelia offers her personal insights on the potential loneliness of having a fetish and the importance of opening up to one’s partner.

“Although I like this job and I do it because I like it, my fundamental reason for doing it is simply because I want to indulge myself,” Amelia says. “ My secondary reason is certainly that I want to put work out there that people can see and know that they’re not alone. I want people to be able to feel normal.”

Later in the interview Amelia muses, “I sometimes wonder, if I wasn’t into spanking and my partner asked me if we could try it… There are many fetishes I think where there would be less guilt associated with trying it out. And I can see that if your partner wants to be spanked, as a woman and a decent human being, you might think ‘Oh gosh, I don’t want to hurt that person.’ Even if he wants that.”

Amelia responds reassuringly to her own question by describing what she herself likes about being spanked. “There is such an intense emotional experience when you do these things, it makes you feel so connected to your partner. After a spanking, it feels like I won something. I feel triumphant.”

She adds, “ I think it would be easy from the outside to think that people want to feel downtrodden, victimized, bullied and abused. Although I guess there are elements of that, the aftereffect is just this feeling of happiness and feeling that everything is right with the world. If you have a partner who’s into this, it’s not just about pain, and I hope that’s reassuring to people.”

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