F/M Spanking

Date Night F/M Spanking

We think that most happy couples would agree that simple courtesy is one of the cornerstones of a successful relationship. On date night, for example, both spouses should make every effort to be showered, dressed and ready to go at the agreed-upon hour. To do so indicates mutual respect for one another.

Obviously even the best laid plans can be delayed by unforeseen variables beyond anyone’s control. For example, if the husband in question left work in plenty of time to drive home and get cleaned up, he really can’t be blamed if a rogue meteor wipes out the freeway and postpones his arrival by a few minutes.

However, if the absent-minded hubby simply forgets about date night (despite having received several reminders) and then goes to the YMCA to play racquetball after work instead of coming straight home, then some readjustment of his spousal priorities might be in order.

We’re not entirely sure how vanilla couples deal with these types of situations, but in an ideal wife-led household the response is very straightforward. When her husband breaks the rules; shows disrespect for himself or others; or simply doesn’t live up to his responsibilities, then he’s obviously expressing the need for some old-fashioned, bare-bottom domestic discipline.

Rather than having a tense verbal spat that could result in hurt feelings, bruised egos and lingering resentment, the issue is resolved quickly and efficiently in a time-honored and mutually agreed upon fashion. When the man of the house screws up, his bottom pays the price. Afterwards the malfeasance is forgiven, allowing the couple to proceed with their evening — though the freshly-spanked hubby may squirm somewhat if he has to sit for long periods.

Obviously the majority of F/M spanking couples aren’t in lifestyle 24/7 domestic discipline relationships, but even casual spanking enthusiasts can use minor infractions (real or imagined) as a pretext for a little bare-bottomed fantasy play. And if there are indeed instances where F/M spanking can smooth over some tiny bumps on the road to marital bliss, then so much the better.

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