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F/M Spanking Talk: Wooden Spoon

In this installment of our F/M Spanking Talk series, four very lovely, charming and insightful spankers discuss the disciplinary attributes of a sturdy kitchen spoon and also describe how they use these ubiquitous cooking implements in their own F/M spanking adventures.

One common opinion shared by several of our interview subjects was that they appreciated how a wooden spoon could serve a dual purpose, as both a functional domestic item and as a very handy and effective spanking tool.

“Everyone has one in their home,” KJ said of wooden spoons. “They’re easy to grab off the wall or from the drawer — and they hurt!”

Describing the heavy wooden spoon in her hands, Cassie noted, “It has a thin end to it, so it looks like something you could actually use to cook with, and not just play with. I particularly like the combined use, because it’s kind of fun.”

“That’s part of the reason I like using a wooden spoon,” Katherine said. “It feels like something that everybody has in their house. Even if it’s not necessarily in your kitchen, if you keep it in the bedroom, it’s still the kind of thing that you would just see in your house, and I like that about it.”

She added, “I prefer things that feel like they’re part of domestic life instead of something that’s made for spanking.”

So let’s tip our hats to the humble wooden spoon, a perfectly pervertible household item that’s available almost everywhere for just a few dollars and is just as functional stirring cake batter as it is warming naughty adult backsides.

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