F/M Spanking

Wooden Spoon F/M Spanking

With the possible exception of the flat-backed hairbrush, it’s hard to find a more ubiquitous or unassuming F/M spanking implement than the wooden kitchen spoon, which can be used for innocently stirring batter one day and then spanking a cheeky husband the next.

Custom spanking implements can sometimes be quite expensive, but kitchen spoons are available almost everywhere in a variety of lengths, weights and materials, usually for just a few dollars. Plus they can be stored right out in the open, readily available for warming a pair of impertinent male buns.

Two other characteristics which make wooden spoons so very effective in our personal F/M spanking play is that they have concave heads, which concentrate impact on a small target area, and they also sport nice, long handles, which provide significant leverage for the spanker.

True, wooden spoons do have a tendency to break if used repeatedly for spanking, but they’re so inexpensive, that’s usually not an issue. Whenever we see an interesting spoon at the store, we just toss it in the shopping cart. That way we always have an arsenal of implements handy for impromptu spanking sessions in the kitchen.

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