F/M Spanking

Devon’s Spanking Snippets

Spanking play enthusiast and edgy glamour model Devon returns for another CP-oriented photo shoot, while also offering some of her personal insights on consensual adult spanking games. We even coaxed Devon into doing a mini POV spanking role-play at the end of the video, for those of you who enjoy the titillation of pre-punishment dialogue.

The shoot begins with Devon holding a heavy wooden spoon and commenting on both its domestic qualities and its effectiveness as a disciplinary tool. There’s also a quick reference to a wooden spoon’s nasty curved surface, which has been the bane of naughty bottoms for generations.

Staying on the theme of regular household items that can also serve as spanking implements, Devon examines a hefty Jokari paddle with a comfy padded grip. Which leads one to wonder, what percentage of paddle-ball paddles are actually used for their advertised purpose and how many are purchased specifically for kinky bedroom play?

Next, with a pocket-sized paddle in hand, Devon offers some thoughts on the appeal of consensual adult spanking play. She also notes that the portable implement she’s holding would probably be quite an effective tool and would also leave some very interesting marks on a willing recipient’s behind.

And finally, Devon offers us a glimpse of what might happen if someone were to be so inconsiderate as to forget her birthday. We won’t spoil the ending. All we can say is that the punishment definitely fits the crime.

Our thanks to Devon for dropping by and chatting with us about the adult spanking fetish, spanking toys and the joy of being a diehard spanko. She looks marvelous in her slinky attire, as always, and proves once again that spanking implements make the ultimate fashion accessory. (At least we think they do!)

Watch this delightful spanking video in its entirety in the Strict Wives Secret Library.