F/M Spanking

Brush Spankings with Bridget

In our latest video interview, we were quite thrilled to chat with the very charming domestic discipline enthusiast and former spanking model Bridget about her use of hairbrushes in consensual adult F/M spanking play. Here are some excerpts!

“I think the hairbrush is such a popular implement in domestic spanking play because, well, it’s domestic,” Bridget says. “It’s ubiquitous. Everybody has at least one, so it’s very handy and readily available.”

“One of the excellent things about the hairbrush is that it’s small, it’s portable and it doesn’t raise any eyebrows if you take it through airport security,” she adds. “You can keep it in your glove box for on-the-spot discipline. It’s just a handy, all-around tool to have in your arsenal. Especially if you don’t want anyone who comes across it to know what it’s used for.”

Based on her experience as a connoisseur of adult corporal punishment games, where she participates as both a spanker and spankee, Bridget says, “I can tell you that on bare flesh the hairbrush is absolutely one of the most painful implements there is. I think it’s very effective on a bare bottom.”

“I have sent many naughty men to fetch the hairbrush,” Bridget reveals. “It’s one of my favorite ways to start a scene. It really sets the mood and allows them to think about how serious this is going to be — before I have even started to spank them.”

As part of her very enlightening discussion on hairbrush spanking play, Bridget examines four different brushes and offers her thoughts on each one’s potential effectiveness if she were to apply it firmly to an adult male bottom.

Bridget is a lovely and articulate young woman who has plenty of first-hand knowledge when it comes to consensual F/M spanking and domestic discipline play. Watch her delightful spanking interview in its entirety in the Strict Wives Secret Library.