F/M Spanking

Hairbrush Spanking Boogie

Vigorous application of a wooden brush to a bare male posterior can result in some rather frantic and undignified squirming and kicking from the man on the receiving end. If you’ve ever watched a consensual adult F/M hairbrush spanking on video or in person, you might wonder to yourself, “Obviously that really hurts. Why doesn’t the sorry sod just jump up and run away?”

It is indeed an interesting phenomenon. Even though adult male spankees are almost always physically stronger than their female disciplinarians, most of them will obediently take their medicine, rather than just leaping off the lap of pain and sprinting red-bottomed toward the nearest door.

They may wriggle, kick and fuss. Some spankees may even foolishly try to cover their stinging backsides with their hands. But unless a scene is unexpectedly veering off in a bad direction (at which point a safe word should definitely be used), most of them will more or less hold position until their punishment is complete.

Why? Most typically because the male spankee is right where he wants to be and is getting exactly what he desires, even though his spanking is probably just as uncomfortable as it looks.

Also, if both participants exchange smiles and hugs afterwards, you can bet that they discussed the scene thoroughly beforehand and were carefully paying attention to each other’s verbal and physical cues throughout the spanking. No matter how intense the scene may have appeared, there was respect on both sides and mutual concern for each other’s wellbeing.

At least that’s how we feel adult F/M spanking games should be played, in our humble opinion. Obviously folks who live the domestic discipline lifestyle 24/7 have a somewhat different dynamic than casual or bedroom players, but they still depend on trust, communication and mutual respect to make their relationships work. An adult spanking administered without empathy is simply physical abuse, and there’s really nothing positive, healthy or fulfilling about that.

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