F/M Spanking

Leila’s F/M Spanking Play Interview

Hailing from a tiny town in the beautiful Pacific Northwest, Leila has been enjoying adult F/M spanking play for the past 15 years and is currently exploring a more formal 24/7 domestic discipline relationship with her husband.

In today’s F/M spanking interview, this good natured but hard-spanking lady describes some of the ways that she and her spouse incorporate spanking play into their relationship. Leila also recalls some of her fun experiences attending the big national spanking parties.

Here are a few edited snippets from Leila’s engaging six-minute interview, covering the joys and nuances of adult F/M spanking and domestic discipline play.

“I can’t speak for everyone, but with spanking my opinion is that it’s consensual on both sides. There may be some power exchange and there may be some pain involved, but it’s definitely consensual and it’s always negotiated, and both parties should be satisfied with the end result. Sometimes it’s 24/7, sometimes it’s only once in a while, sometimes it’s for play in the bedroom. Each couple has to decide how they want to incorporate it into their relationship.”

“Two of my favorite implements are the hairbrush and the belt, because they’re both generally visible and close at hand. He’s usually wearing a belt, so I can take it right off of him and use it if I want to. The hairbrush is also often very close by, either on the vanity or the dresser.”

“I had an interesting experience at a national spanking party. I walked into a party room and I was carrying a prison strap, which is a fairly large strap, over my shoulder. One of the gentlemen there asked if I wanted to have it used on me and I said, “No, but I’d be happy to use it on you!”

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