F/M Spanking

Adriana’s F/M Spanking Play Interview, Part I

We’re really delighted that one of our previous F/M spanking interview subjects, the lovely and articulate Katherine, is back with us to interview her friend Adriana, a hard-playing spanking enthusiast, as well a prolific spanking model and a professional disciplinarian.

In the first installment of her two-part discussion, Adriana shares details about her own journey into the world of consensual adult spanking play. She also recalls the first time she ever spanked a man and discusses what it’s like to be a professional spanker.

We’d like to thank Adriana for teaching us a new spanking-related term. When the topic of marks arises during her interview with Katherine, Adriana reveals a fondness for creating something called thigh turkeys on her willing spankees. “That’s one of the reasons I love doing thigh turkeys on people,” she says, “because you can watch the handprint grow.”

At this point an uninitiated spanko one might wonder, what exactly is a thigh turkey?

“A thigh turkey is basically when you open your palm up and you slam it down really hard on the inner thigh,“ Adriana explains. “Or you could do it on someone’s bottom too. It basically leaves a hand print, but it looks like a turkey.”

“Oh, like when you draw one for Thanksgiving!” Katherine responds. “That’s pretty cute.”

Obviously we are not suggesting in any way that you slap your spanking partner on the inner thigh, unless that’s been clearly negotiated and you both enjoy the activity. However if the topic of thigh turkeys ever comes up in polite conversation, at least now you’ll know what folks are talking about.

Listen to the adorable Katherine and Adriana talk at length about spanking adult males and other kinky pursuits at the Strict Wives Secret Library.