F/M Spanking

F/M Spanking Talk: The Vintage Hairbrush

Most male bottoms have a love/hate relationship with the wooden hairbrush. As one of the iconic domestic spanking implements, the brush is an important prop in many classic F/M spanking scenarios. However, the intensity of a real hairbrush spanking can make even veteran spankos wonder why they ever requested such a thing!

To shed more light on this issue, we asked four genuine spanking enthusiasts to offer their impressions of an antique ebony brush and also discuss the role of hairbrushes in consensual adult F/M spanking play.

Here are a few highlights from this fun, enlightening, kink-friendly discussion.

“A lot of guys fantasize about the hairbrush, but when I start using it, they don’t like it very much.”

“I use the hairbrush to spank my boyfriend. Usually that’s a discipline implement, because it is pretty mean. But it’s not as heavy as this.”

“I have used an implement like this in a relationship. But you don’t need to swing it very far because it’s pretty stingy. Kind of thuddy.”

“I feel like this one would definitely make somebody squirm. I could probably make somebody cry if I used it hard enough.”

“I like to use the bristle part too, because when you rub the bristle part, it’s a whole different sensation.”

“This is a lot heavier than the hairbrush I have at home. It feels like it would be very effective. I would definitely want to use this, but only for a punishment. This doesn’t feel very playful.”

“Some guys don’t make any noise at all, but you can tell that they’re reacting to it, because you can hear them gasping. Other guys will cry out a little bit. They usually don’t fight it, but you can tell that it hurts.”

To hear four delightful women share these other insights on the role of hairbrushes in F/M spanking play, join us at the Strict Wives Secret Library.