F/M Spanking

CFNM Spanking Session

Just the act of draping himself across his lady’s lap can be a delicious experience for the male spankee, filled with anticipation, excitement, a dash of fear and a wonderful sense of vulnerability. As any well-spanked man can tell you, there’s nothing quite like the feeling of being bottoms-up for discipline.

For many spanking enthusiasts, the experience becomes even more intense when the guilty party must strip completely naked for his punishment, while his female disciplinarian remains fully clothed. In such situations, there’s very little doubt which partner holds the paddle and which one is about to get his naughty buns warmed.

From the spanker’s point of view, it can be quite stimulating to order a male play partner to strip all the way down to his birthday suit. The disciplinarian’s amusement, and her underling’s pre-spanking discomfort, can be further enhanced if she gives the naked scamp a lengthy scolding before his punishment, watching in delight as he stands nervously at attention, completely exposed and anxiously shifting his weight from foot to foot.

The CFNM (clothed-female, nude-male) spanking GIF above is captured from an amateur domestic discipline video, which documents a firm afternoon spanking session that unfolds in a real couple’s hotel suite.

If you’d like to see more, you can now watch this scene play out in the Strict Wives Secret Library, where an errant adult male learns that he’s never too big for an old-fashioned OTK spanking, or the dreaded leather strap.