F/M Spanking

F/M Spanking Games with Two Female Tops

In this saucy F/M spanking play discussion, archived in the Strict Wives Secret Library, Katherine and Adriana delve into more elaborate corporal punishment fantasies that can be enjoyed when there’s one male spankee at the mercy of two female disciplinarians. As you might expect, adding another Alpha female to the mix opens up a whole range of kinky possibilities.

For example, Katherine and Adriana discuss spanking configurations where both female Tops are seated facing each other, so that the male participant can bend over both of their laps simultaneously. Or scenarios where the spankee stretches face down on a bed, while a strap-wielding lady is positioned on each side of his tingling bare bottom.

Other options for dual-spanker scenarios include having one strict lady punish the misbehaving man, while her female partner-in-discipline helps hold the rascal in position. Imagine the predicament of a male spankee who finds himself pinned down by one lady, while being smacked vigorously by another and righteously scolded by them both.

For the male spanking enthusiast who relishes added embarrassment while being punished by his wife or girlfriend, it can be quite exciting to have a smirking lady observer standing nearby to taunt and tease. This unsympathetic witness might actually encourage the woman administering discipline to swat her man even harder. And perhaps both ladies can share a laugh while the hapless spankee squirms and squeals under the relentless smacks.

Of course all spankings eventually come to an end, but that doesn’t necessarily mean the recipient’s punishment is over. After the offending male has been properly thrashed and sent off to the corner with his burning bottom on display, the two ladies who oversaw his discipline may well decide to enjoy a glass of wine and some girl talk, while they enjoy the view for a while.