F/M Spanking

Talking About Tawses with Amelia Rutherford

Tawsing enthusiasts are in for a yummy treat as renowned fetish model, video producer, professional bondage rigger and lifelong CP aficionado Amelia-Jane Rutherford offers her insights on incorporating tawses into consensual adult spanking play. (Video playing now at the Strict Wives Secret Library.)

We begin the segment by placing a collection of five different tawses in front of Miss Rutherford and asking for her impressions of each implement, along with any other anecdotes she’d like to share based on her personal experiences with tawsing.

Amelia examines each implement in turn, speculating on what sort of sensations each might produce, which ones she might like to play with herself, and which ones she suspects would be especially intense. Delightful as always, Amelia delivers the kinky commentary with charm, wit and her very endearing English accent.

Amelia also talks at length about hand tawsing, an activity she enjoys and has performed in consensual adult spanking videos. We feel we should add a disclaimer at this point: Even though hand tawsing was once a common form of corporal punishment in some education systems, please don’t attempt this activity in the bedroom (or elsewhere) unless you know exactly how to safely incorporate it into your adult spanking fantasies. A poorly executed hand tawsing doesn’t sound like any fun at all!

Amelia concludes her tawse discussion by making a closer examination of a hand-made, five-fingered implement that she was particularly enamored with. She even relished the smell of it! Then Amelia puts a cherry on today’s treat by pretending to be an incensed wife about to give her husband a well-deserved thrashing with a giant black tawse. Mmm, delicious.

Visit our Secret Library to hear Amelia-Jane Rutherford talk extensively about the classic corporal punishment implement commonly known as the tawse. Stay until the big finish and you’ll be rewarded with a lovely clip of Amelia improvising a sexy wife-spanking-husband fantasy. (The dialogue is compelling and the view is spectacular.)