F/M Spanking

Bridget’s F/M Spanking Play Interview

Here are a couple of excerpts from Bridget’s insightful F/M spanking play interview, where she touches on topics such as her favorite spanking toys, the use of dialogue in a spanking role-play, and how exploring one’s spanking fantasies can often lead to self discovery.

Bridget is a rather petite young woman, and yet men still readily approach her at spanking parties, asking to be Topped. When queried about this phenomenon Bridget says, “I think there are two factors. One is that I have appeared in spanking videos as a bottom, so people recognize me and I think feel like they would be thrilled to be spanked by the girl they’ve seen on the bottom.

“And the other thing is, I think that it makes the men who approach me feel that much more controlled or dominated. I’m not exactly sure what word I’m looking for here, but I think it does something emotionally to be put in your place by a really small woman.”

On the subject of her favorite F/M spanking pretexts or role-plays, Bridget says, “I definitely like the domestic scenarios: boyfriend, husband, etc. And to be honest, I don’t always even need a reason. Sometimes it’s just fun to say, ‘You’ve been very naughty and you’re going to get what’s coming to you.’”

To listen to the very charming and eloquent CP enthusiast Bridget talk at length about her thoughts on the adult spanking fetish and what she’s gleaned from F/M spanking play in particular, visit the Strict Wives Secret Library.