F/M Spanking

F/M Spanking Talk: Leather Belt

In the second installment of our F/M Spanking Talk video series, we asked four spanking enthusiasts of the female gender to give us their impressions of a very well broken-in leather belt. We also asked for their thoughts on the use of straps in consensual F/M spanking play.

For your reading pleasure, here are just a few of the opinions and observations offered by our interview subjects:

“This is a leather belt that looks like it’s been used quite a bit. It’s very worn in.”

“I feel like this could maybe be either a punishment implement or for fun, because it seems like maybe it could be used a little softer, a little more sensual. But also it could have a hard snap to it.”

“When I use a strap, I can get begging, I can get pleading and I can get tears.”

“I can’t say that I would use a strap over a brush or a spoon for any particular offense. I think it depends on what kind of mood I’m in.”

“I would use this on my husband with him either bent over the couch, or a chair, or bent over the bed.”

“I know that people who are receiving the strap tend to like it, because they can get into a rhythm with it. It gets their endorphins going and some people just like to take it over and over again.”

“Everyone has belts. These are awesome because everyone has at least one of them in their home. It’s really nice because you can have one that you designate for spanking and just hang it on the wall.”

“When does the strap come out? The strap can come out anytime. You don’t need an excuse for a strap!”

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