F/M Spanking

Perforated Paddle Punishment

A firmly administered bare-bottom spanking can sometimes lead to an unnecessary amount of kicking (at least from the disciplinarian’s point of view), especially if the implement in question happens to be a perforated wooden paddle.

In this amateur F/M spanking video, the adult male spankee’s ankles are secured by a set of heavy duty padded restraints. This limits any undignified flailing of the legs on his part or the incessant drumming of his toes of the carpet. As any strict woman knows, spouses and boyfriends can raise quite a fuss when they’re getting their bare butts paddled.

There is some debate in the consensual adult spanking community about whether beveled holes actually make a paddle sting more. From our observations, we tend to believe they do, though we couldn’t say whether that’s because the perforations reduce wind resistance or because the little holes themselves bite into flesh when they meet an unprotected male backside. Maybe it’s a touch of both.

This tasty CFNM spanking video (flavored with a hint of bondage) is just one of the many hand-picked selections you’ll find at the Strict Wives Secret Library.