F/M Spanking

Slipper Paddle Spanking Play

In earlier posts we’ve written about everyday household items that are frequently employed for consensual adult F/M spanking play, including wooden hairbrushes, kitchen spoons, bath brushes and leather belts. These commonplace sundries fit perfectly into domestic discipline fantasies because they’re always right there in the home, ready for use whenever loving couples have a hankering for some playful spankering.

On the flip side of that discussion are implements designed specifically for adult spanking play that effectively reproduce the sensation of traditional domestic discipline tools, while improving on the original designs. For example, flexible leather belts can sometimes be difficult to control during F/M spanking games. A well designed spanking strap, however, can deliver much the same wallop as a doubled-up belt, while being somewhat easier for the spanker to grip and employ.

Another example would be a small wooden paddle that approximates the size and weight of a vintage wooden hairbrush, but lacks the bristles. This slim profile makes the spanking toy somewhat easier for a lady to slip into her purse, jacket, boot or back pocket, where it’s ready to grab whenever a naughty male bottom needs some attention.

In this short F/M spanking video, archived in the Strict Wives Secret Library, a very charming disciplinarian describes how she employs a thick, stitched, oval-shaped leather paddle whenever her British boyfriend yearns for the sensations of an old-fashioned slippering.

Certainly one can purchase a rubber-soled plimsoll online, as many purists do, but if that level of authenticity isn’t required, there are definite advantages to having a spanking toy that fits nicely into a lady’s hand. The more comfortable an implement is for the spanker to grip, the easier it is for her to deliver a longer, firmer and more memorable spanking.

Whether your implements come from the housewares section of your local shopping center or from a specialty manufacturer of adult spanking toys, please always remember to use your spanking gear carefully and with your partner’s best interests in mind. Anything can be used lightly and unless you know your partner’s preferences extremely well, it’s always better to start at low intensity and then slowly build up the heat until you reach the optimal temperature for mutual enjoyment.