F/M Spanking

F/M Hairbrush Spanking Fantasies

We’ve touched on the hairbrush paradox a few times in earlier posts. Basically it goes like this: 1. Man fantasizes about a hairbrush spanking, finding the thought of it both scary and intoxicating. 2. Man receives a hairbrush spanking, is reminded that it really, really hurts, and wonders why he ever requested such a thing. 3. Even though he hated being spanked, afterwards Man is very happy about having been spanked, and oddly he wishes the spanking could have been longer and harder. 4. Man repeats entire process from the beginning.

Obviously all F/M spanking enthusiasts are different, but the above scenario is more common than you might think. There’s a passionate love/hate relationship when it comes to the brush.

The thought of a hairbrush spanking is titillating to some folks, not only because of its honored place in the domestic discipline mystique, but also because hairbrushing is a very intense experience. No matter how petite the spanker, the flat back of a hard wooden brush will make quite an impression on an upturned pair of bare male buns. In short, it makes one feel spanked.

Some bottoms can become excited just looking at a proper spanking hairbrush, which creates a real opportunity for the spanker to build anticipation. Why rush right into the hairbrush spanking (unless the scenario calls for it), when you can torture your poor spankee a bit beforehand and get his blood pumping? For example, the disciplinarian above is slowly rubbing the seat of her partner’s underwear before getting down to business.

Brandishing a hairbrush during the pre-spanking rituals will also elevate the sweet tension, as will tapping the business end lightly on his backside once you have him across your lap. Stoke the suspense long enough and you might find him actually pleading for his spanking.

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