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Women Spanking Men

When a website dedicated to consensual adult F/M spanking has been consistently producing original content for 15 years or so, it can amass a remarkable archive of corporal punishment pictures and videos.

Launched way back in 2001, Women Spanking Men now boasts a content library containing nearly 14,000 F/M spanking images and more than 1,800 F/M spanking video clips, showcasing grown men getting their naughty tushies soundly spanked, strapped, paddled, caned, cropped and hairbrushed.

While the website’s roster of beautiful, hard-hitting disciplinarians has changed over the years, one thing at Women Spanking Men has stayed remarkably consistent. The ladies at the studio spank with conviction!

To help you understand the website’s philosophy when it comes to consensual adult F/M spanking scenes, here are a few titillating quotes from some of our favorite disciplinarians at Women Spanking Men.

From the magnificent Miss J: “Although I know most men look back on a session with me with excitement, I do my best to make sure it is not something they enjoy at the time.”

From the divine Lady D: “I am committed to providing strict punishments that will make you think twice about what you have done.”

From the beautiful Miss Betty: “I have a deep understanding of my feminine power and I am not afraid to use it. I look forward to administering real life punishment to naughty men.”

From the sensational Cindy Baker: “It is especially pleasing to me when I can dominate a man, hearing his squeals as I spank him.”

Given the website’s fantastic library of F/M spanking material, the modestly priced subscriptions to Women Spanking Men are a pretty remarkable deal. For about the cost of lunch, F/M spanking enthusiasts can binge watch literally hours of video featuring gorgeous disciplinarians dispensing punishment.

Click on the button below to learn more about the quite appealing but very stern ladies at Women Spanking Men. While you’re there, you might also like to visit the website’s complimentary photo and video areas.

Women Spanking Men
Women Spanking Men