Spanking Drawings

Wife Spanking Husband Art

One of the many wonderful things about consensual adult F/M spanking play is that no matter how pronounced the size difference is between female Top and male bottom, the lady in charge should typically have no problem giving her spankee the rosy red caboose he craves, provided that she’s armed with a suitable spanking implement.

In today’s piece of original F/M spanking art, we observe a lovely young wife in the midst of spanking her grateful hubby with a large wooden fraternity or school paddle, enabling her to sting both of her spouse’s cheeks with a single swat.

While heavier implements such as the paddle need to be used with especially great care, employed properly they allow even petite disciplinarians to give their male play partners everything from a gentle love tap all they way up to a yelp-inducing wallop that will bring even a burly adult male up onto his tippy toes.

We notice that the spanko wife in today’s F/M spanking illustration has ordered her lucky hubby to completely remove his trousers and underpants, which gives her an excellent view of the target area as well as the back of her husband’s legs. One should never use a heavy implement like the paddle anywhere but on the fleshiest part of a spankee’s bottom, but a few well placed hand-slaps on the upper thighs can provide a fun change of pace between paddle swats.

We’d also like to point out that the dominant lady in today’s F/M spanking illustration has directed her husband to bend over the dresser with his elbows and forearms flat on the top surface. This is a classic paddling position, sure to make the recipient feel like a delinquent young man about the feel the wrath of his academy headmistress. Or perhaps he’s a cocky fraternity lad who finds himself at the mercy of the school’s sadistic head cheerleader. The opportunities for mutual kinky fun are almost endless.