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Thanks to the gracious permission of professional disciplinarian and video producer Miss Hardcastle-Hastings, we’re very pleased to offer you a rare peek inside The Punishment Club, where adult men and women openly (and enthusiastically) explore fantasies involving traditional English discipline.

As an added bonus, Miss Hardcastle-Hastings also generously participated in an extensive Q&A session with us, sharing some of her personal history, as well as her creative vision for The Punishment Club website. Please enjoy!

Miss Hardcastle-Hastings, thank you so much for answering our questions. To begin, would you please tell us a little about yourself?

I went to a Catholic Girls Grammar school in the 1970s. For non-UK viewers, grammar schools were intellectual high schools for 11-18 year olds. It was not a convent school although the Head, Deputy Head and two Head’s of Department were nuns. Canes were used, but on the hands.

I enjoyed school with its winter and summer school uniforms and discipline, though I fell foul to detention numerous times. I was never seriously disciplined excepting being slapped across the face by the Deputy Head for the serious matter of having a top button undone. Learning and regurgitating for exams was easy. No study apart from the 15 minutes on the bus, with much better things to do such as horse riding, going to underage pubs (in my mid-teens), etc., which took up the time intended for homework. Still, I walked off with excellent results, but left school and home for a diverse life.

I am always happy with my own company rather than being a sheep. I’ve had dominant aspects as long as I can remember and was often the leader of a crowd or, if I got bored, did my own thing. I was NEVER punished by my parents.

The Adult Corporal Punishment world found me. Not being involved in it apart from the odd sexual bit of whipping or binding someone, it came about through modeling. At a local agency I’d had some shoots done with photos of me in a riding outfit, which caught the eye of someone on his first issue of a new spanking magazine. He asked the words “Have you ever used a cane?” to which I replied “Only in my dreams!”

Within a couple of months, I was writing, editing and starring in the magazine and then its sister issues. Someone wrote in and suggested we do a real person-to-person type version of what I had written about. Thus began my relationship with 1-2-1s and the Adult CP and Discipline business. I ended up writing and editing 4 different CP magazines.

The (adult spanking) schools I simply love. Originally they were all about serious learning and teaching and discipline. However, I like fun. I believe one can combine apprehension, fear and a little personal ‘tongue-in-cheek’. I began having Day schools but once it was over, my thirst was not slaked, so I decided on holding an informal CP party until the early hours, which was right up my street.

Videos I enjoy although it is probably more to do with the fact I am getting more action. However, it is sometimes difficult, when filming a few clips, to try and contain my enthusiasm, in order to have a bottom last for the required number of clips. I acted plenty at school, although being an all-girl school, I generally had the male Lead’s part.

What is the general concept or theme behind The Punishment Club website?

I believe The Punishment Club is about sharing what we do with those who enjoy discipline in its varied forms. Everyone is welcome (and appreciated) and those from afar (other continents), can at least have a ‘taster’ when circumstances possibly don’t allow a personal visit. Many people who visit also join and support The Punishment Club.

Thank you everyone, supporters, friends and those who take part. Certainly couldn’t do it without my trusty Descriptions writer and enthusiast (he’s due to film some more cruel and severe clips) and my ever-reliable and enthusiastic Webmaster.

From your perspective what is unique about this particular site?

The unique slant I believe is hard CP and Discipline in some excellent venues with true enthusiasts; no models are ever used.

How does filming with real spanking enthusiasts help the creative process?

Everyone involved is loving it. No one I believe (as is plain for all to see) more so than myself. I think there is an unusual mix of serious, judicial etc., light banter with vociferous applications of implements and the total pleasure shared by me with the viewers. All who take part are totally enthusiastic and all have a vast amount of experience mixed with creative abilities and the right level of personality to bring about a huge wealth of possible scenes.

Some of your videos appear to be filmed at actual spanking parties.

The clips at actual parties are filmed after the Day school with fellow enthusiasts who don’t want to pack in after a day of controlled discipline, but who’s verve makes them wish to carry on. Nothing is structured, if someone wants dealing with, they just ask. They are never refused. The staff, Matron, Miss Dubois, Skyla etc., have all been so generous with their personal time.

Can you discuss what you mean by British discipline, and how that might differ from American-style scenes?

British Discipline is more ritualistic. We like to explain, prolong and ensure trepidation. On the whole, the Americans’ preference to wooden paddles isn’t as prevalent in Britain. The ritual of being told slowly to undo shorts/skirt etc, to bend over, possibly to count and thank… Mmm… Little tickle at the back of my neck….

How important is it that your spankings, canings, slipperings and tawsings are applied with conviction?

To me, they have to be given and taken wholeheartedly (the strokes). I’m not acting. I’m there, I’m whoever, but I’m giving out what I’ve perceived someone has deserved. I insist that the “Sub” for The Punishment Club can take it and most are willing to take it as much as required and even more than we show.

The lift, the buzz of a good strenuous session is my drug. I practiced the slipper until I believe it’s as good a delivery as anyone’s and it is very satisfying to deliver an utter resounding stroke with what appears to be quite an innocuous implement.

Will you tell us a little about the school we see featured in some of the videos?

The new school room is fantastic. It’s discreet and safe. I’m upstairs over thick concrete floors. There’s a Dining Hall, kitchen, Aunty’s room, library, Matron’s sick bay, changing room, huge Head’ s study, another Aunty’s room with adjoining naughty nephew’s room and the split level massive classroom with gym area, PLUS a 30 odd foot long corridor for the walk of shame from the classroom to the Head’s study. I love it. It’s my baby and I’ve built it up with a lot of help from my friends and fellow CP enthusiasts who I love.

Please tell us a little about the tawsing of hands and how that is portrayed on the site?

The Irish and the Scottish are particularly into this, probably born of past encounters with the Christian Brothers and Sisters and those of similar ilk. The fascinating thing is forcing someone to watch. They know the searing pain to come, from palms shooting hotly up to armpit, but must not be allowed to close their eyes. I very rarely cane on the hand, unless specifically requested, but a decent strapping without allowing a hand to be snatched back or put under the armpit for comfort is most enjoyable, perhaps more so when the recipient is made to kneel down. Obviously they are in a very submissive position and, also, it comes down further and harder.

We’ve noticed that some of the cheeky young ladies featured on the site seem particularly clever when it comes to sass and backtalk.

The young ladies… Well don’t they brighten up your day! Alisha, for example, is a true exponent. She’s tough and challenges herself. There’s that little devil on her right shoulder who pushes her on for more and more. I’ve known her since she took her first steps into this wonderful CP world and I’ve seen her grow and she’s fantastic. Skyla and Fae are two professionals who play and love it privately and it’s a major part of their lifestyles. Of course I love a bit of banter, back chat, but there can only be one winner!

Is there anything else that you’d like to discuss or share?

My arm is fit. I’m working on getting fitter. I love this life and intend to discipline for as long as I am capable and feel this incredible lust for it. What a life! Someone’s got to do it and I have the winning ticket.

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