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Approximately the same size and shape as a hairbrush, but without the bristles, this strict lady’s portable 1/2”-inch-thick oak paddle packs quite a wallop, even through the spankee’s tight, black briefs. When his shorts come down though, that’s when the paddle really starts to bite!

The charming but firm spanking GIF above is taken from the amateur domestic discipline video entitled F/M Vacation Punishments, which documents an F/M corporal punishment fantasy playing out in the privacy of a couple’s hotel room. The video description reads as follows:

“Naughty males who misbehave on holiday get hauled back to Madam’s hotel room, where they are soundly spanked, paddled and strapped. Surely the other guests and the hotel staff can hear discipline being administered. Oh, the shame! This clip features lots of firm OTK domestic discipline, plus a good, hard CFNM strapping.”

The housekeepers at this particular resort have no doubt heard and seen it all, but we’re guessing that the sound of an adult male getting his bottom warmed in the middle of the day might still make them smile a bit as they tidy up nearby rooms. Perhaps the more curious among them might even press an ear to the wall, to better hear the unmistakable sounds of old-fashioned OTK discipline.

As for the hapless spanking recipient squirming beneath the wooden paddle, crying into a pillow might help muffle his voice, but there’s nothing he can do to prevent the sounds of well-place smacks echoing throughout the room and into the hallway.

What if other guests complain about the noise and call hotel security? What if there’s a knock at the door before his punishment is complete? What if the spanking escalates in intensity, making him yell out in a most undignified fashion?

Well as the old saying goes, if you don’t want to face the embarassment of being spanked, Mr. Man, then don’t misbehave on vacation!

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