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Strict Wives Who Spank

Wife Spanking HusbandThree elegant disciplinarians take turns smacking a hubby-in-training in a free NSFW F/M Spanking Gallery from Femdom content producer The English Mansion.

This colorful and titillating collection of stills comes from the domestic F/M spanking feature entitled A Well Trained Husband. It tells the story of three strict and lovely women — Jessica Wood, Nina Birch and Eve Harper — who are enjoying morning coffee and conversation at Eve’s house.

Nina explains to Jessica how she employs control and discipline at home to keep her husband in his appropriate place. Eve, coincidentally, has been following Nina’s lead and is in the process of training her own husband, James, to assume a service role in their marriage as well.

Eve summons James from the kitchen to serve coffee and then she invites her gleeful guests to take turns spanking her husband’s bare behind. Afterwards, the ladies send the humiliated male into the corner so they can continue chatting.

James should certainly know better, but he just can’t resist peeking at the firm-handed females who spanked him. He is caught, of course, and is sentenced to a much more severe double punishment for his willful disobedience.

A Well Trained Husband is a stylish F/M spanking scenario that delves into a common male spanking fantasy: being punished in front of female witnesses and/or being spanked by multiple women. It also takes place in a traditional home setting, with retro mid-century decor, so it taps into very powerful imagery involving strict housewives from the 1950s and ‘60s.

One other note: This particular F/M spanking production was created by The English Mansion, which is a very successful producer of online Femdom content. This means that A Well Trained Husband does have a bit more of a female domination vibe than you might see in productions that focus more on pure F/M spanking.

We certainly have nothing against popular Femdom fantasies such as forced male chastity and light humiliation, as long as they’re all in the name of consensual adult fun. However, we also acknowledge that such activities aren’t everyone’s cup of tea, so please use your own discretion before clicking on the gallery button below. A Well Trained Husband is a really great domestic discipline scene, but it does feature some other kinky elements besides spanking.

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