Spanked Across Three Laps

Women Spank ManDisciplinarian Miss Chris is certainly capable of punishing a recalcitrant male all on her own, but in today’s free F/M Spanking Gallery from legendary online content producer Clare Spanks Men, this formidable spanker is assisted by two enthusiastic understudies, Veronica Ricci and Jenni Mack.

After the girls take turns swatting their mentor’s bare-bottomed spankee with a heavy wooden paddle, Miss Chris employs her strong arm and notoriously heavy hand to paint the poor sod’s tenderized target area a brilliant shade of crimson. Judging from the dark red areas forming on his lower buttocks, he’ll be sitting gingerly for quite some time.

As frequent spankees themselves, Veronica and Jenni observe the brutal hand-spanking with an apparent combination of fear and awe. While they take obvious glee in watching a naughty male get his comeuppance, the girls no doubt feel a bit of a nervous tingle in their own often-spanked hindquarters.

Stretched out across three feminine laps the way he is, we wonder what the male spankee must be thinking as his butt cheeks turn an ever deeper shade of scarlet. Is he mortified to have his punishment witnessed by two giggling observers, at such close proximity? Or is he too preoccupied by the intolerable sting to pay much attention to his audience?

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