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Therapeutic F/M Spanking

Pro-kink advocate and lifelong spanking enthusiast Pandora Blake describes her production studio Dreams of Spanking as “a safe space where we let our imagination take us wherever it may lead.”

In the two-part production entitled The Russian Treatment, Miss Blake assumes the role of a dominant nurse who uses experimental spanking, strapping and caning therapy to treat the malaise of her male patient. Keep reading for the official descriptions of these restorative F/M corporal punishment scenes, as well as links to two very lovely preview clips.

Video Clip 1: “A nurse femdom scene with a cheeky twist. Can spanking therapy help alleviate Mike’s malaise? Mike hasn’t been feeling well as of late, and has checked himself into a specialist clinic in the hope that they can help him. When Nurse Pandora comes to check on him, she tells him about a new type of ‘percussive therapy’ treatment, which the clinic is trialling following a recent medical conference in Eastern Europe. According to the research it has proven an effective way of releasing endorphins and serotonin into the body, but it is still very much in the experimental stages.

“It turns out that Mike has read about this method – in fact, he’s read that in Siberia, a cane is used for 60 strokes on the buttocks once a week. He very quickly agrees to the treatment. Nurse Pandora asks him to drop his trousers, and advises that as this is the first session he should leave his underwear up for now. She takes Mike over the knee and administers a firm hand spanking and buttocks massage, helping him relax and clear his mind.

“The first session is a success, and as Pandora readjusts her nurse uniform and gathers her things, Mike is left with a big smile on his face. Can spanking really have such a positive effect on mood? Since the treatment is still experimental, how come Mike already knows so much about the Siberian method? And are those cane welts visible on his bottom?”

Video Clip 2 : “In the second installment of this nurse femdom story, Mike receives the last treatment in his course of spanking therapy. A firm hand spanking, strapping and a hard 12-stroke caning help him on the way to recovery.

“It’s been a week since Mike started his course of spanking therapy, and Nurse Pandora is pleased to see he’s responding well to the treatment. She starts the last session by administering a firm hand spanking on his bare buttocks, which are marked red from the previous treatments, including a caning from Nurse Molly earlier in the week.

“Soon, Mike is relaxing visibly under Nurse Pandora’s hand. She moves on to working with the leather strap, beginning with 15 strokes with its softer side. Taking deep, cleansing breaths, Mike bears up well through another 15 strokes with the stingier side of the strap. With his bottom glowing and his spirits lifting, it’s time for the final part of the treatment: 12 hard cane strokes.

“Afterwards, Nurse Pandora rubs his bottom with lotion, praising him for how far he’s come since the start of his therapeutic spanking treatment. She leaves a smiling Mike to relax on the bed, letting him enjoy the endorphins coursing through his body.”

Video Clip 1 Video Clip 2
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