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Hairbrush and Tawse F/M Spanking Play

Looking quite provocative in her stockings, garters and fierce red lingerie, one of our favorite disciplinarians from across the pond, the beautiful and stringent Miss Jessica Wood, employs the hairbrush and tawse to great effect in this free F/M Spanking Gallery from legendary Femdom content producer The English Mansion.

Full disclosure: The English Mansion produces a full range of female domination videos and photo sets, covering a variety of Femdom activities, so this particular F/M spanking scene is just a tad more explicit than we usually feature. However, because of our fondness for Miss Jessica Wood, and because she does such an excellent job hairbrushing her naughty male spankee, we just couldn’t resist sharing the gallery.

We must admit that we do harbor a bit of sympathy for the man on the receiving end of Miss Wood’s nasty brush. Looking at the welts on his upturned behind, it appears as though the spankee was soundly thrashed with a cane before Jessica bent him over her knee for a spanking. No doubt her hairbrush is exquisitely painful as it smacks down upon those well-striped male buns.

This seems like a good time to remind everyone that while some flavors of F/M spanking play discussed on this website might seem a little harsh to folks who don’t share the same fantasies, all of these games are mutually consensual and (we trust) executed with the greatest of care. While intense spanking play does often involve a signifiant amount of pain, for some people it’s also a very exciting way to explore their deepest desires and to test their personal limits.

If none of this has scared you off so far, feel free to click on the button below to watch the lovely Miss Jessica Wood spank, strap and paddle a willing but welted male recipient, and also torment him in other ways that we won’t mention here. It’s definitely a NSFW photo gallery, but we suspect you guessed that already. Proceed or not as you wish.

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