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Slipper Paddle Spanking Play

In earlier posts we’ve written about everyday household items that are frequently employed for consensual adult F/M spanking play, including wooden hairbrushes, kitchen spoons, bath brushes and leather belts. These commonplace sundries fit perfectly into domestic discipline fantasies because they’re …

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Traditional F/M Slippering

I believe my first introduction to the word slippering — a traditional spanking administered with a slipper or, in more modern times, a gym shoe — came of all places from Herman Melville’s great American novel Moby-Dick. Early in the …

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Retro F/M Spanking Games

Swedish-born spanker Miss Lina, of Lina’s House of Discipline, seems to be channeling a strict 1950s housewife in this free NSFW F/M Spanking Gallery, enticingly titled I Will Keep Spanking You Until You Learn to Behave. Looking ravishingly retro in …

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