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Disciplinarian Dana Specht

Legendary spanker Dana Specht describes herself as a 1950s-style maternal figure and disciplinarian, providing much-needed, old-fashioned guidance to wayward adults, who range from naughty 20-somethings to kinky septuagenarians. As Dana explains on her website, “Everything on this site is a reflection of …

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Dana’s Downhome Discipline

Professional disciplinarian and Webmistress Dana Specht plays an angry aunt who secures her college-boy nephew in place with a tight leg lock, allowing her to give his backside a very severe spanking with the dreaded short Spencer paddle. (Ask anyone …

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Dana’s Spanking Archive

Our good friend and renowned disciplinarian Dana Specht has helped large numbers of adult men and women explore their personal spanking fantasies over the years. During her influential tenure as a spanker extraordinaire, Dana has also produced a considerable amount …

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