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If the sight of attractive schoolmistresses brandishing canes (while in various states of undress) adds a little starch to your regulation knickers, we think you’ll enjoy today’s free video clip galleries, courtesy of the academically themed fantasy website, St Mackenzie’s.

St Mackenzie’s documents the naughty shenanigans at a fictional all-female college, where the anatomically blessed students, faculty and staff spend most of their time engaged in shameless fraternization. That is, when they aren’t spontaneously shedding their uniforms in the academy classrooms, stairwells or even inside the sacred office of Headmistress Mackenzie herself.

On occasion, the administrators at St Mackenzie’s will discover that a young man has infiltrated the campus with hopes of spying on some uninhibited college-girl misbehavior. The ladies in charge will then take great delight in threatening the captured scalawag with corporal punishment, while at the same time teasing him mercilessly with their physical charms.

Video Clip Gallery 1: (Pictured above.) Deputy Headmistress Drogan is not convinced that Miss Toyne is punishing her students hard enough, so she calls the teacher into her office for a caning lesson. The two women take turns thrashing a pillow, while gradually stripping down to their stockings and heels. After all, a lady mustn’t overheat while administering discipline.


Video Clip Gallery 2: In this POV caning fantasy, Miss Toyne catches a young man hiding under her desk, which provides an excellent opportunity for her to practice caning techniques under the guidance of Deputy Headmistress Drogan. Once again the ladies gradually slip out of their form-fitting garments as the story unfolds.

We should note that while it may seem unprofessional for school disciplinarians to disrobe while administering punishment, Headmistress Mackenzie turns a blind eye to such indiscretions. “The schoolmistresses of St Mackenzie’s have all been rejected by other schools due to their unorthodox teaching methods,” she explains. “As my deputy, Miss Drogan is in charge of discipline and enforcing the few rules we have. I leave all the dirty work to her and leave all the other teachers the freedom to express themselves as they see fit.”

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