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Strict Nurse Spanking Roleplay

Strict Nurse Spanks MenFor lowering stress and increasing the flow of “feel-good” endorphins, it’s hard to dismiss the therapeutic benefits of a good, firm spanking administered by a voluptuous healthcare professional.

F/M spanking content producer Hard Spanking Vixens, which specializes in corporal punishment fantasies administered by lovely ladies in uniform, presents this free NSFW F/M Spanking Gallery featuring the no-nonsense Nurse Brandi.

When a troublesome male patient refuses to take his medicine, Brandi is more than happy to adjust his attitude with some bare-bottom spanking therapy. This not only makes the patient more compliant, it also brings a healthy, blushing glow to his lower hemispheres.

Treatment begins with hand slaps applied directly to the recipient’s gluteus maximus, just to get the circulation flowing in the desired area. As the patient’s temperature rises, Nurse Brandi moves onto more intensive therapy with a stiff leather paddle.

Once the spankee’s exposed bottom is sufficiently warm and red, it’s time for Brandi to break out the wooden bath brush and spank every last bit of foolishness out of the young man. Afterwards, while her patient convalesces, maybe the kinky nurse will rub soothing lotion onto his hot, prickling buns. Or perhaps she’ll be cruel and apply mentholated ointment to his punished flesh, significantly increasing his discomfort.

Strict nurse roleplays offer many options for mutually enjoyable F/M spanking scenarios. Sexy nurse costumes are readily available online, and since the well-disciplined “patient” will already be in bed, post-spanking  aftercare can easily segue into all sorts of healthy adult activities.

Click on the button below to view the full photo gallery from this zesty F/M spanking scenario. Please be aware, however, that some pictures do feature a red, spanked male bottom, just in case you are easily shocked by such things.

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