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If you’re a connoisseur of traditional domestic discipline play, we’ll think you’ll greatly enjoy this collection of complimentary, full-length F/M spanking scenes, courtesy of Strict Miss, an esteemed producer of quality Femdom spanking content. There are four free spanking movies in all, starring a quartet of very lovely, charming and oh-so stern disciplinarians. To watch these free F/M spanking videos, just click on the appropriate links or photos below.

Strict Miss Spanking Movie #1: “So you know it’s wrong to spy on me while I’m getting changed, don’t you?” asks the shapely, lingerie-clad disciplinarian, just before applying her strap to a very naughty male reprobate.

“You should NOT have been peeping on me! It’s absolutely disgusting behavior,” she admonishes, punctuating her lecture with well-placed strokes across his blushing bare backside. It’s not long before the lady in charge is administering punishment rapid-fire and with firm conviction. No small accomplishment, considering she’s wearing just her undergarments and high heels.

Strict Miss Spanking Movie #2: A strict and elegant brunette catches a neighborhood rapscallion raiding her garden. “Right Jack, you’d better come here now,” she commands. “Get over my knee!”

Baring his bottom for punishment, the young woman scolds the petty thief. “You have been a very naughty boy. I can’t believe I caught you in my garden, stealing fruit from my trees. That is just disgraceful,” she says, before using a short, stiff OTK strap to tan the offender’s upturned backside.

As the punishment progresses, the lady in charge uses one of her shapely legs to hold her spankee in position. “Naughty boys will be punished for as long as I say so,” she informs him.

Strict Miss Spanking Movie #3: If the punishment for “being a nuisance” is to receive a good OTK slippering from a strict and sexy coed in a low-cut top, we predict a rapid increase in nuisance behavior among the adult male population.

After turning the culprit across her lap and baring his naughty backside, the lovely young disciplinarian gives his rear a good smacking with her palm, before breaking out the slipper and really getting down to business. The abrupt escalation of intensity causes a noticeable increase in the poor spankee’s squirming and kicking.

Strict Miss Spanking Movie #4: When an exquisite blonde disciplinarian discovers that her husband has been perusing a spanking photo book, featuring scandalous images of women spanking other women, she decides that the penalty should fit the crime.

“I think as a punishment, I’m going to spank you today,” she pronounces. “So take down your trousers and get over my knee.” The humiliated hubby receives an extended hand spanking for his misbehavior, as well as a few swats with the smutty book that got him into trouble.

We hope you enjoy these four delightful (and free) F/M spanking movies. For more stimulating domestic discipline content featuring gorgeous ladies punishing errant males the old-fashioned way, visit the free preview area at Strict Miss.

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