Spanking Drawings

Strict Manager Spanks Him

Lady Boss Spanking ArtIt’s time for another original F/M spanking illustration, this time featuring a heavy handed office manager reprimanding one of her male employees (again!) in the break room. Maybe that will teach him not to forget those TPS reports.

Of course after properly sanctioning her subordinate in this time-honored way, the manager is duty bound to call the employee’s spouse afterwards and inform her of the incident. This all but ensures that the well-disciplined desk jockey will have another spanking waiting for him at home, probably with his wive’s hairbrush or perhaps one of his own belts. Serves him right, no doubt.

Office punishment fantasies are extremely popular F/M spanking scenarios, because frankly, what male spankee doesn’t love a well-dressed woman in a position of authority? There are endless pretexts for an exasperated businesswoman to spank the tar out of her incompetent office boy or underperforming salesman. And God help any male in her company who is caught stealing office supplies or charging their strip club bill to the company expense account.

Threatened with losing his job, a desperate male employee will most likely do anything to redeem himself, even if that means getting his bottom smacked at work, during normal business hours, where all of his co-workers can readily hear the sounds of his punishment.

The opportunities for harmless adult spanking fun are nearly endless and you don’t need any special costumes other than your normal work clothes. Plus, maybe the well-spanked male can put his newfound motivation to work, thanking the merciful manager who spared his job by putting in some extra hours. Perhaps at her place, under her mentorship.

Finally, we certainly don’t recommend that you and your partner engage in any fantasy spanking activity at your actual place of work. Even on the weekends. Who knows what the hidden security cameras might capture? As always, let common sense be your guide.