Spanking Drawings

Spanking Your Man

FM Spanking Art BedroomIt’s been said that the human brain is our most powerful sex organ and that a healthy and fulfilling sex life is a major component in building a happy, long-term relationship.

There are probably as many different theories about the root causes of a spanking fetish as there are people — normal, everyday adults — who find themselves aroused by thoughts of spanking or being spanked by an intimate partner.

Spanking is one of the most popular fetishes on the planet, and despite being a little kinky, it’s a pretty harmless way for consenting adults to spice up their love life. But what if one partner in the relationship is a die-hard spanko and the other isn’t? That’s actually a pretty common situation, particularly in the F/M spanking realm.

Well, if you’re definitely not into spanking your fella, then you should be completely honest about that. No one should feel obligated to participate in any bedroom activity that makes them feel uncomfortable. However, making your partner feel embarrassed about, or worse yet, repress their hard-wired sexual desires is likely to cause unhappiness within the relationship. At the very least, the two of you won’t be as close as you could be otherwise.

If you’re open to it, however, we suggest following the acronym GGG, which was coined by sex-advice columnist Dan Savage. GGG stands for Good, Giving and Game, which means being good in bed, giving equal time and pleasure, and being game to try new things (within reason).

Not everyone is born a spanko, but we optimistically believe that loving partners can learn to understand and accept each other’s most intimate desires, and to reciprocate appropriately in the bedroom. You may not be into spanking per se, but you might find that you enjoy the effect spanking has on your partner, as well as the many things he can do for you in the sack to properly express his gratitude.