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Meet the Paddle Princess

While attending a recent spanking vendor fair in Houston, we were thrilled to make the acquaintance of Paddle Princess, a very talented and Toppy spanko lady who creates beautiful hand-crafted wooden implements for kinky adult play.

In addition to being painstakingly sanded and varnished, many of the Paddle Princess creations on display in Houston were also decorated with colorful artwork and/or spanking-related text, evoking many smiles from the CP enthusiasts who stopped to admire them. (And often test them out!)

With a bit of coaxing, we persuaded this hard-spanking but surprisingly shy paddle artisan to tell us a little about herself and her line of lovely and effective spanking implements. She even agreed to demonstrate two of her creations on a willing adult male, though the spanking recipient did make quite a fuss while his bottom was being warmed. And in public, no less!

We should mention that Paddle Princess also offers custom work, for those who dream of having a one-of-a-kind paddle decorated with personal artwork or a favorite spanking phrase. Such unique items do take extra time of course, but the results can be quite spectacular.

Our thanks to Paddle Princess for chatting with us about spanking, paddles and other titillating topics. For more information on the Paddle Princess and her amazing line of custom adult spanking paddles, please visit her Online Store or her Fetlife Profile.

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