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Spanking Fantasy Phrases

Looking to explore new kinky horizons, my partner and I joined a local BDSM social club some years ago and for several months we occasionally attended open play nights at their well-appointed dungeon space downtown. We weren’t really in the leather scene, but the club organizers and members were very pleasant and welcoming anyway. We ultimately discovered, however, that the dungeon rules and atmosphere really weren’t conducive to the more domestic types of spanking play that we enjoy most.

For example, the lighting in the dungeon area was usually very dim, so it was harder to see the coloration of my partner’s bottom while I was spanking him. (Was that a bruise forming on his right cheek, or was it just a shadow?)

Mood music was piped in through the dungeon’s overhead speakers, which made it a bit more difficult for me to hear my spankee’s vocal reactions. And to our mild surprise, “excessive talking” was discouraged in the dungeon, which squelched most of the lively spanking banter that we usually engage in.

Now this is in no way meant to disparage anyone else’s kink or play style. The club was an excellent organization and very popular with the local BDSM enthusiasts. However the experience illustrated to us how much we personally enjoy seeing, hearing and talking to each other during adult spanking play. Apparently dungeon denizens we are not!

Which brings us to today’s short video, Spanking Fantasy Phrases, featuring a very lovely and colorful retro-kinkster who goes by the whimsical name of ‘I Make Cookies’. (You can’t get much more domestic than that!)

This wonderful spanko is not only a fan of vintage attire (which we love), she also has a voice that was just made for scolding (which we also love). Obviously we were quite thrilled to photograph this charming lady in her spectacular floral dress, and also record her velvety words as she sentenced imaginary men to spankings.

If you’re a fan of classic F/M spanking imagery and swoon-inducing domestic discipline dialogue, we think you’ll very much enjoy this yummy spanking treat for both eyes and ears. It would probably seem out of place at your local dungeon, but in our kinky corner, it’s right on the money.

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