Spanking Play Dialogue with Amelia Rutherford

Sadly for spankees everywhere, the talented, imaginative and statuesque blonde beauty known as Amelia-Jane Rutherford is not a lifestyle disciplinarian. Outside of extreme modeling emergencies, Amelia doesn’t actually spank her fellow kinksters, no matter how receptive they might be. As she admitted to us, hitting people makes her cry.

Ironically (and fortunately for F/M spanking enthusiasts), Amelia quite enjoys playing the role of strict headmistress, governess or aristocratic lady when shooting kinky photo sets and POV scolding videos. As a lifelong spankee herself, Miss Rutherford knows exactly what visual and verbal buttons to push to make a spankee’s backside tingle in delicious anticipation.

Interestingly, Amelia is also quite willing to play the role of titillated female observer, punishment instigator or even bondage rigger in F/M spanking or caning scenes, as long as she doesn’t have to administer the actual discipline. Here are two well documented examples for your enjoyment.


In the F/M and F/F caning fantasy entitled Invitations, Amelia’s father is hosting a dinner party, and she and Caroline Grey have hatched a plan to swap the invited guests from boring bachelors to interesting young men. They enlist Will, one of the footmen, to deliver the new counterfeit invitations. Unfortunately Will is intercepted by Miss Blake, the governess, before he can complete his errand and is subsequently thrashed bare in front of his female co-conspirators.


Amelia also appears in The Spy, a kinky corporal punishment and bondage fantasy. In this story, captured operative Will Savage is brought in and bound for questioning, alongside Caroline, an agent suspected of fraternizing with him. Interrogators Pandora Blake and Miss Rutherford believe the male spy has a chivalrous heart, despite his defiance. If he won’t talk to save his own skin, he might still reveal his secrets in order to spare Caroline the pain of bare-bottom discipline.

Click on the video player at the top of this page the hear the lovely Amelia Rutherford deliver some delicious spanking dialogue as if she was about to punish an incorrigible but oh-so-lucky young man. Amelia probably won’t ever deliver on these threats (in this lifetime), but we can still dream.

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