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Sore Bottom F/M Birching

Femdom Birching PunishmentIn the context of adult corporal punishment play, the term birch or birch rod has evolved into sort of a catchall name for almost any bundle of switches, twigs, branches, rods or even canes used in adult corporal punishment play.

In today’s free NSFW F/M Spanking Gallery, Sarah of Sarah Spanks Men employs a wicked bundle of long, thick, knobby branches to thrash the dickens out of poor Tony, who plays the role her hapless husband. Sarah is one domestic disciplinarian not to be trifled with!

As Sarah herself describes the scenario, “Tony has returned home after a night in the pub. For that he has already been punished with my new heavy-duty paddle. This has made quite an impression on his bottom, but now I am going to birch him. He has to pick his own birch rods and bring them to me and then you will see just how hard I can punish a man who gets on the wrong side of me. It’s a real heavy birching for Tony.”

Well, we can’t say much for Tony’s sense of self-preservation if those are the branches he selected, especially if he’s about to be thrashed on an already paddle bottom. However, Sarah’s a very experienced CP player and we’re guessing that Tony’s no stranger to the pleasures of the paddle, strap or cane.

We suspect that Tony got a real thrill out of bending over for that awful looking birch and we’re confident that Sarah knows how to apply it safely. For us personally, we’d probably classify that magnum birch as one of those things that’s fun to brandish, but might be a little impractical to use in actual play, unless you’re really into heavy birching. (Just our opinion. To each his or her own.)

Click on the button below to see the free photo set from the F/M domestic discipline tale entitled Drunk Husband Birched, featuring a serious birch bundle applied to an already red and marked pair of punished male buns.

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