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Snow Mercy Spanks, Paddles and Canes Him

snow-mercy-disciplinarianIn honor of one of our favorite F/M spanking performers, the incomparable Snow Mercy, we’re pleased to present this large collection of promotional galleries and video clips (below) for Shadow Lane’s 40-minute domestic discipline epic, Houseboy Blues. This movie features traditional over-the-knee, bare-bottom spanking, followed by no-nonsense CFNM strapping, paddling and a 24-stroke caning. Ouch!

The official video description of Houseboy Blues is as follows: “Snow Mercy’s new houseboy learns etiquette, via a very long and very sound, bare-bottom hand spanking, over his glamorous superior’s knee. Houseboy Mike is then sternly strapped and prodigiously paddled for performing his duties badly. He is made to kneel on all fours to submit to the discipline. Snow uses her thickest strop, a classic wooden spoon and her heaviest paddle to teach her new houseboy a lesson. Now fully nude, Houseboy Mike is given a 24 stroke caning across his firm, round bottom for objectifying his mistress. A classic corporal punishment scenario, a stunning spanking goddess and a very deserving male spankee make this title irresistible.”

Gallery 1: The ill-behaved manservant bends, reluctantly, over Snow Mercy’s lap to receive a vigorous and embarrassing hand spanking. Oh the shame of having his naughty bottom on display.


Gallery 2: Now totally undressed, the domestic help is soundly strapped and paddled for underperforming his household duties. His superior lays the punishment on hard.


Gallery 3: Positioned vulnerably upon the spanking bench, the young man receives a 24-stroke caning across his unprotected bottom cheeks. Snow Mercy shows him no mercy.


Video 1: “There we go. A nice bare bottom, over my knee,” Snow Mercy says, after lowering her male spankee’s jeans and underwear. A rosy glow is already radiating from the target area.


Video 2: Snow Mercy continues his discipline with heavy leather straps, a wooden paddle and a very nasty kitchen spoon. Oh how he hates that spoon.


Video 3: “So I gave you the choice: either a paddling or a caning,” Snow Mercy reminds him. Do you think he made a wise decision opting for the cane?


We hope you enjoyed this kinky collection of F/M spanking galleries and clips from the domestic discipline spectacular Houseboy Blues. To watch the tall, fierce and fabulous Snow Mercy administer just punishment to other deserving young men and women, just click on the button below.

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