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Snow Mercy F/M Spanking

“What switchable guy hasn’t dwelt on the notion of spanking a dominant woman with relish? But it’s hard to find opportunities, since determined, assertive women don’t exactly open the door to that sort of thing. But sometimes you can catch a bossy woman in an unguarded moment and seize the chance to turn the tables on her for once.”

Thus begins the description of Shadow Lane’s three-act domestic discipline movie The Spanking Turnaround, which is source of today’s NSFW F/M spanking gallery. The plot revolves around the rather shortsighted Tom Byron, who foolishly spanks fierce and lovely Snow Mercy when he catches her sleepwalking. We can certainly understand Tom’s temptation, but obviously he fails to consider the painful consequences he’ll face come the light of day.

“The next morning, Snow enters the dining room, dressed crisply for work but rubbing her bottom. She confides to Tom that for some reason she woke up with a sore backside and tries to remember what could have caused this. Pulling up her glove-tight pencil skirt to examine her bottom in a hand mirror, Snow notices that her bottom bears some traces of marking and again tries to figure out what happened.”

Tom ultimately confesses to spanking Snow while she was sleepwalking, which justifiably shocks and angers his very Toppy and photogenic spouse.

“Determined that she not be the only one to go to work that day with a sore bottom, Snow takes Tom across her lap for a long, hard revenge spanking. Then she sternly warns him that there’s more where that came from and perhaps she’ll bring a friend home from work to help her hand it out!”

Click on the thumbnails at the top of this page to view colorful and stimulating photographs from Act II of The Spanking Turnaround, featuring disciplinarian Snow Mercy giving a male offender the hard F/M spanking and paddling that he so richly deserves.

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