House of Discipline

She Paddles Him Crimson

She Spanked Him HardThe magnificent and unrelenting Miss Lina stars in today’s free F/M Spanking Gallery, courtesy of F/M spanking studio Lina’s House of Discipline. It’s a classic domestic spanking scenario, featuring a stern disciplinarian who takes her sweet time administering punishment to a very deserving male spankee.

Seated in a comfy chair and armed with two spanking paddles, Miss Lina icily confronts the miserable miscreant about his actions before ordering the nervous young man to bare his bottom and assume the position across her lap.

A brisk hand spanking ensues, raising color in the recipient’s bottom cheeks almost immediately. At this point the blushing spankee may still have hoped to escape he wrath of Miss Lina’s paddles, but those fantasies are soon dashed.

Relinquishing her chair, Miss Lina makes the guilt party kneel upon the seat cushion and then proceeds to smack his freshly spanked backside with a reinforce leather paddle. Raising the implement high, she makes sure to communicate her displeasure with every heavy whack.

More punishment is still to come, however. To ensure that the spankee has truly learned his lesson, Miss Lina orders him to strip completely naked and bend over for the grand finale. Roughly the same shape as a giant wooden hairbrush, Miss Lina’s cheek-to-cheek paddle does an excellent job of teaching her supplicant the error of his ways.

This is a very thorough F/M domestic discipline session featuring OTK hand spanking; paddling in the kneeling position; and CFNM spanking with a hard wooden paddle, all of which result in a well chastised male with glowing red cheeks. Whatever he did to earn himself such a spanking, he might think twice about doing it again. (At least until he’s hungry for more.)

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