Sentenced to F/M Spanking

Since dialogue is half the fun of a consensual adult spanking roleplay, and since most male spankees simply melt when Toppy women use certain spanking related phrases or gestures, we asked three very spank-friendly females to take part in a little domestic discipline improvisation exercise, the results of which are captured in the video presentation above.

These wonderful ladies all participated in the first round of our F/M spanking interview series, which we’ll be posting in segments over the next several weeks. Some posts will be strictly audio interviews and others will be short videos where we ask several ladies to share their thoughts on a particular F/M spanking topic.

You may have already watched our first video interview, entitled F/M Spanking Talk: The Vintage Hairbrush or listened to our marvelous F/M Spanking Interview with Liz. If you enjoyed those early efforts we think you’ll also be pleased with our upcoming audio and video presentations.

In today’s video, entitled Sentenced to Spanking, we asked three of our interview subjects to simply pretend they were in the middle of an F/M spanking roleplay and to sentence an imaginary male play partner to a thorough OTK hiding. The end results were great fun and we really appreciate all of our very serious spankers for being such good sports about it.

One thought about actual adult spanking roleplays: We’ve found that it’s really a treat when both partners are comfortable enough to ease confidently into their roles and just let the dialogue flow organically. Overly scripted scenes can feel a bit forced, but if both players have a general understanding of the scenario and are game to riff on it, butterflies be damned, they just may create an amazing mutual experience that’s incredibly hot, hysterically funny, or both.

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