Retro Spanker Audrey Knight

Audrey Knight Spanking MenSpanking video star and renowned disciplinarian Audrey Knight, looking quite charming in her colorful polka-dot dress, dispenses punishment the old-fashioned way in this free NSFW F/M Spanking Gallery from content producer Clare Spanks Men.

Alluring as she is, one might not expect Audrey to be such a heavy handed disciplinarian. However as her male spankee soon discovers, Ms. Knight is perfectly capable of reddening even a husky male backside with just the flat of her hand. The sorry soul across her lap is literally spanked crimson before Audrey finally allows him to stand.

That’s not the end of the scallawag’s punishment though. Arming herself with a very heavy-looking perforated paddle, Audrey makes her red-bottomed troublemaker bend over a chair and present his tenderized target area for more discipline. Judging from the size of that paddle and how high it’s raised, the recipient will remember those final whacks for quite some time!

Audrey Knight’s bright and breezy outfit is another reminder of how F/M spanking and domestic discipline play is often quite different from Femdom corporal punishment scenarios that take place in a dungeon or other leather-scene environment.

Instead of a sadistic, leather-clad Dominatrix, for example, the domestic spanker is a lovely young woman in a summer dress. Where an S&M judicial punishment scene might take place in a dark and oppressive environment, the traditional spanking roleplay is often held in a non-threatening, brightly-lit home.

We’re certainly not knocking the leather scene or all the wonderfully kinky folks who enjoy it. We’re simply observing that traditional spanking and domestic discipline play is a somewhat different genre, with a unique style and flavor all it’s own.

Click on the gallery button below if you’d like to see more photos of Audrey Knight dishing out F/M corporal punishment in her very pretty polka-dot dress. The photo set does feature some minor male nudity, but unless you’re horribly offended by the sight of well-spanked male buns, we think you can probably handle it.

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