Razor Strop Spanking Play

Razor Strop Punishment

Along with the hairbrush, wooden spoon and leather belt, the razor strop holds a special place in the pantheon of American domestic discipline implements. While the school paddle was king of the classroom, the razor strop was often the ultimate sanction when circumstances called for corporal punishment at home.

Spanking fetishists who grew up watching classic Westerns on TV and at the local cinema can no doubt remember the frequent references to old-fashioned strappings, whuppin’s and trips to the woodshed. Even though modern safety razors had long supplanted their old cutthroat predecessor, the myth of the razor strop as a punishment tool was alive and well in American culture.

We have several actual razor strops in our collection along with a couple of very nice reproductions that were made specifically for adult spanking play. However our favorite of them all, more for its intimidation factor than its practicality, is an uber-thick vintage strop we purchased on eBay about 15 years ago.

We’ve seen many old razor strops in varying lengths and thicknesses, but this particular strop is a true monster at 24” long, 2.5” wide and a terrifying 1/8” thick. Underneath the linen prep layer, the leather is marked “Imported Belo-Russ Supreme Russia. Price $6.00.” Further down, the strop is also stamped with the logo of the venerable Illinois Razor Strop Co., which is still manufacturing razor strops to this day.

Despite it’s age, this old strop is in remarkable shape. The leather is a little scuffed from use and one of the lower corners is frayed, but there are no visible cuts on the edges, which suggests that whoever used it for sharpening blades had exceptional technique. An actual barber, perhaps?

Since we had a nice close-up photo of our super-heavy strop in the hands of a beautiful disciplinarian, we thought you might enjoy seeing what a misbehaving man views just before dropping his pants and bending over for punishment. The strop is unwieldy, ultra severe and somewhat challenging to grip, so it’s not the most practical spanking implement. But in experienced hands it can administer a legendary ass whipping to even the brattiest of male bottoms. If that’s what the recipient wants.

Remember lads, be careful what you ask for!