Prepare to Be Spanked

Pre-spanking anticipation is one of the more delicious aspects of adult domestic discipline play, particularly in the final moments before punishment is actually administered. Butterflies in the stomach coupled with an almost sensual tingling in the buttocks are common symptoms of a male spankee about to receive his well-deserved comeuppance.

This curious mixture of apprehension and eroticism may become increasingly more powerful during the escalating stages of an F/M spanking roleplay, which might include the initial spanking proclamation, a pre-punishment scolding, baring of the bottom, assumption of the prescribed spanking position, and the agonizing last few seconds before the first swat lands upon the male spankee’s quivering, upturned backside.

As a tribute, or perhaps an introduction, to the delights of pre-spanking anticipation, we offer this short video featuring some of the sights and sounds that a naughty adult male might experience before getting his bottom soundly paddled, hairbrushed or strapped.