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Some amateur F/M spanking scenes have an air of authenticity that’s just hard to replicate in more scripted productions. Case in point, the fun-sized, domestic discipline video entitled F/M Hard Bedroom Spanking. The clip’s description reads as follows:

“You’ll find all the segments of this excellent domestic discipline scene scattered among our various compilation clips. We offer this complete version of the scene just in case you want to watch the whole thing from beginning to end. It includes a firm spanking with a long-handled spoon paddle, swats with a wooden bread board, a hearty strapping and finally several strokes from a short, thick cane.”

To be sure, the video’s lighting could be better and there’s no storyline or witty dialogue. What the scene delivers though, is a long, hard OTK paddling with two different wooden implements. As you can see from the F/M spanking GIF above, each swat is delivered with conviction and the spankee reacts exactly how one would expect.

Obviously, not every spanking couple plays at this level of intensity. Wooden paddles tend to be much more potent than their leather brethren, so take great care if you plan to incorporate the board of education into your F/M spanking fantasies.

In this particular domestic discipline scenario though, we can can confirm that all activities were 100 percent consensual and that both parties were very satisfied with the end results. Despite the intensity of this F/M spanking session, the high-tolerance male recipient wasn’t even marked, though he did have a throbbing, red behind for the rest of the evening.

If you’re curious to see what happens when two experienced spankos share a mutual fantasy in the privacy of their own home, click on the button below to learn more about F/M Hard Bedroom Spanking. What it lacks in production values, it makes up for with genuine enthusiasm.

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