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Wooden and leather implements can be wonderful props for F/M corporal punishment games, but for friendly spankings, more intimate play, or a gentle warmup before a longer spanking session, it’s hard to beat the skin on skin contact of a loving female hand slapping a bared male backside.

Depending on how well a disciplinarian’s hand is conditioned, it may not be the ideal tool for hard or extended spankings, particularly when dealing with a greedy male bottom. However the hand is perfect when combining gentle and moderate slaps with other forms of sensation play such as caressing, pinching, light raking with fingernails or deep squeezing with the fingertips.

Of course after making the spankee’s backside wonderfully pink and warm with her hand or hands, there’s nothing to say that the lady in charge can’t pick up something more substantial to continue the sensation play. After all, a spanker can’t be nice all the time!

We should acknowledge at this point that there are some very accomplished female disciplinarians out there who seem to be able to spank and spank with their bare hands and never wear out. This might be a product of genetics, conditioning or a combination of the two, but whatever it is, these talented women are quite capable of administering a memorable spanking with just the flat of their palms.

The spanking GIF above comes from the amateur domestic discipline video entitled F/M Hand Spankings, which showcases six minutes of bare-butt slappity slap in a variety of over-the-knee scenes. If you appreciate the sights and sounds of a female palm connecting repeatedly with a naughty male bottom, you might get a kick out of it.

Click on the button below for more details about the compilation video F/M Hand Spankings. It’s not the hardest domestic discipline video ever produced, but it does feature wall-to-wall ass-slapping action for F/M spanking enthusiasts who really enjoy that sort of thing.

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